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At what age should I take my child to a speech therapist?

It is generally recommended that parents should consult a speech therapist if their child is not meeting certain speech and language milestones by certain ages.

General guidelines for typical speech and language development:

Between 6-12 months: During this stage, infants typically start to babble and imitate sounds.

Between 12-18 months: Children usually say their first words and can follow simple instructions.

Between 18-24 months: At this stage, children start combining two words to form phrases

Between 2-3 years: Children usually use three-word sentences and can answer simple questions.

Between 3-4 years: They start using more complex sentences, using more grammar and vocabulary, and telling stories.

If parents notice that their child is significantly delayed in reaching these milestones or has difficulty understanding or expressing themselves, it may be time to consult a speech therapist for an evaluation and potential treatment.

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Can Stammering of a child be corrected?

Yes, Stammering in children can often be treated and corrected through speech therapy. Speech therapy for Stammering typically involves a combination of techniques such as breathing exercises, slowing down speech rate, and practicing smooth transitions between words. The goal of therapy is to help the child become more aware of their Stammering, learn strategies to control it and ultimately increase their fluency and confidence in speaking. Early intervention is crucial in treating stuttering in children, as it can help prevent the development of negative emotions, such as anxiety and low self-esteem, associated with communication difficulties. Additionally, Speech therapists may work with parents and teachers to create a supportive environment for the child and provide guidance on how to effectively communicate with a child who stammers.
With our consistent therapy and support, many children are able to overcome their stammering and communicate more effectively.

Speech and Language Therapy for Children

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Our Speech therapists work at improving the child’s speech and language abilities after diagnosing and evaluating speech and communication disorders. They use a variety of techniques to help children develop their communication skills, including speech and language therapy. This type of therapy focuses on helping children develop their communication skills by teaching them how to use language correctly. Speech therapists will use a variety of techniques to help children learn how to express themselves, including using visual aids, providing verbal cues and providing feedback. They will also work to improve the child’s pronunciation and articulation of words, as well as their ability to understand and respond to spoken language.
  • Articulation Therapy
  • Language Intervention Therapy
  • Fluency Therapy
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Therapy
  • Social Communication Therapy
  • Developmental Language Disorder
  • Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT)
  • Speech Sound Disorder TherapyThese therapies may overlap or be combined depending on the individual needs of the child.
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