Oticon: New Superior Technology for Everyone

Oticon’s mission dates back over a century. Hans Demant, the founder of Oticon, wanted to make his hearing-impaired wife’s life easier, so he introduced her to one of the world’s first electronic hearing aids in 1904.


Oticon arose from this caring foundation with a desire to assist people who require hearing aids. We strive to realise our vision of a world where cutting-edge hearing technology provides meaningful, life-changing advantages to persons with hearing loss.

Behind-the-ear (BTE)

The Oticon More™ miniBTE T

It is a compact device featuring an LED light for ease of use. It comes with Bluetooth® Low Energy technology for easy pairing with your favourite gadgets, as well as a telecoil for receiving sounds from public hearing loop systems.


Oticon Opn S™ BTE PP

It is a strong and small behind-the-ear hearing aid. The speaker is adequately protected in the compact housing that fits behind the ear in this form. For parents or carers, an LED indicator monitors hearing aid status.


Oticon Xceed

You will now have the support you need to fully participate in settings when multiple people are talking, without having to rely on guesswork and lip-reading, thanks to the new revolutionary technology in Oticon Xceed.

Completely-in-canal (CIC)

Oticon Opn™

The Oticon Opn™ is the world’s first Internet-connected hearing aid. Opn™ is based on the Velox™ technology, which provides the highest level of resolution and speed.


Oticon Siya

In-the-ear hearing aids from Oticon Siya capture and amplify the natural, rich qualities of sounds. They assist you in improving your speech comprehension so that you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Receiver-in-canal (RIC)

Oticon More™ miniRITE R

The Oticon More™ miniRITE R is a small rechargeable style with a highly trained, directly embedded Deep Neural Network (DNN) that gives the brain more information to make sense of sound.


Oticon Opn S™ miniRITE

The Oticon Opn S™ miniRITE, sits discretely behind the ear. In the ear, a tiny speaker connected to a thin, virtually undetectable wire fits comfortably. The Opn S™ miniRITE is designed specifically for the iPhone®.


Oticon Ruby miniRITE

It is a small, rechargeable hearing aid with a lithium-ion battery and a simple charger. Inductive charging is a contactless technology that allows for quick and dependable charging.